Inspiration, Patience and Perseverance…you need all three.

Somehow, in the midst of everything, a moment comes that reveals newfound clarity, purpose, and brilliance. Perhaps it’s a response to a personal struggle, or an organizational difficulty, but the bottomline is this: you have new resolve, new solutions, new ideas, and new hope on how to face the ongoing giants before you.

Here’s the truth - Inspiring moments can be like planting a seed in the fertile ground of possibilities. But even inspiration needs to be combined with patience and perseverance before any fruit can be born. You should consider cultivating  those inspiring changes you hope to make by giving them water and light. Then, and only then, will you be able to see how those inspiring ideas can effectively transform the dirt you find yourself planted in.


About Brian

Fund development, marketing, donor relations, volunteer mgmt, and business development are just a few obsessions. Others include hanging with my wife and two kids, cheering for all things FSU, and thanking God for being so good.

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