It’s About You!

Ahhhh…it’s here…

The blog template has been beaten into proper submission, the url has been cleaned up, the color schemes have been finalized (for now), the logo is done (also for now), and finally, at last,  we get to write the very first words of the @HigherPixels (Twitter – #holla) blog.

And this is where it begins.  With you…the churches and nonprofits with boots on the ground.  Actually, it’s all about you.  You’re the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega of our work.

It’s about you, our friends in the trenches who are redeeming the brokenness of our world.  It’s about you, the ones who are struggling to balance the work of the ministry with the work to keep the ministry going.  It’s about you, the ones who see the problems of the world and decide to do something about it.  It’s about you, the ones who want to focus on relieving the suffering and hardships of others, but are forced to focus on raising funds, raising awareness, and raising help.

Our blog begins with recognizing you.  Somehow we hope that the words “Thank you” will reach you in a way that you will feel our deepest sincerity and appreciation for the work you do.  Your work, your ministry, your cause, your efforts, your stance, is amazing.  Our world needs to meet people like you…and support you…and rally behind your leadership.  Thank you, from all of us at HigherPixels for embracing love-in-action.

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Fund development, marketing, donor relations, volunteer mgmt, and business development are just a few obsessions. Others include hanging with my wife and two kids, cheering for all things FSU, and thanking God for being so good.

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    Look forward to keeping up with you guys.